Eudora 8.0

Eudora 8.0

Eudora is a mail and news application based on Thunderbird client from Mozilla
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Eudora 8.0.0b3 is a mail and news application based on the open source Thunderbird client from Mozilla.
Eudora, made by Qualcomm, changed dramatically from previous versions and now is moving to the open source trying to maintain maximum compatibility, for both developers and users, with Thunderbird.
Among the new features of this version is the skin of some windows like the Options and the Message Filters windows. The Add-ons is another great feature, clicking the Add-ons option on the Tools menus will show the Add-ons window like in Mozilla or Firefox web browser. Some add-ons available are the DOM Inspector and Penelope both already included in Eudora.
Now you can set up email accounts from Google and add news groups to received information from them.
Eudora adds the Google option to go directly to the Google website, it doesn’t matter which browser you are using Eudora allows you to configure the browser that you want.
Eudora options window now gives the user more control over the way that the messages are shown and notified. The Privacy option changed and some additional options were included like the Junk mail, the E-mail scams and the Anti-Virus now allows the antivirus programs to quarantine individual incoming messages.

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  • Eudora offers several options to manage properly one or more e-mail accounts; this version is open source so many add-ons can be used


  • This beta version has some issues upgrading from previous versions of Eudora. Some import features are not working properly

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rating uhclem
Man, Eudora is the bomb! The cat's meow! It's the best email client ever created! I've been using it since before the beginning!

5 months ago Was it helpful?  yes(0) no(0) | Reply
rating Lloyd Norling
Every attachment (no matter what kind) is opened up.This is not true of any other toold I've tried. Easy to use. Loved it. Won't open on win 10 and I have tried over a dozen programs and haven't found any I like.

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rating Dave
Have been using it for many years on Windows 7, but it still doesn't work on Windows 10.

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Dave, you have to create a folder on your main drive (C) called Eudora and install it into that. You also have to manually make your shortcuts. It works just fine on Windows 10.

5 months ago Was it helpful?  yes(0) no(0) | Reply
When you store it on the C drive instead of in program files, does your old emails know where to find the attachments? Won't Eudora be looking for them in C:\Program Files (x86)\Qualcomm\Eudora\Attach? I understand it would work for new emails but I have about 20 years of old messages and attachments.

4 months ago Was it helpful?  yes(0) no(0) | Reply
Eudora works fine on Windows 10 and Windows 11. Can be good to install on your data drive when it can be backed up regularly. It needs the Hermes update to run SSL files.

3 months ago Was it helpful?  yes(0) no(0) | Reply
Ken, I physically move my folders from pc to pc. Just put everything in C:\Eudora My attachments go to C:\Eudora\Attachments. Follow that format.

3 months ago Was it helpful?  yes(0) no(0) | Reply


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